About Feed Football

Welcome to Feed Football– a website that brings you the best and unique news in football through the twitter feeds.

Why Feed Football?

Being a passionate football fan myself, I’ve always wanted to comprehend the game from a different angle. We have been reading articles and blogs from different websites regarding various topics in football day in day out. We have all savored and celebrated it in the same way we have enjoyed the sport itself but there is even more fun involved when you know what the big personalities are talking about on social media on different topics on a given day.

The idea of feedfootball.com precipitated from this thought. We are trying to get into that angle of football where nobody has tried to portray the tale before.

We are trying to bring the hot and trending topics in football through the tweets of the most popular peeps in the footballing world. In other words, you can say no to the hashtag hassles and visit feedfootball.com instead to know the opinions, conjectures, match reports and more from the horse’s mouth. We are hoping to bring a breath of fresh air to the football blogging world.

Let’s keep celebrating the most popular sport in the world through feedfootball.com.

Who’s Behind Feed Football?

Feed Football was started by Shamsheer in April 2018.
There are couple of other names who have worked in the background as well.

Shamsheer, Chief Editor

Raneez Ahmed, Technical Lead:

Bino Joseph, Digital Media Developer

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Feed Football is privately owned by Shamsheer itself.

Feed Football is an open platform for writing about football and sharing your views / passions – if you’re interested, kindly send us an email to admin@feedfootball.com

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Thank you for reading, and once again, welcome to Feedfootball.com
Shamsheer, Chief Editor.